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Nitro’s Haberdashery

Charlie Brown & Snoopy Scrunchies!

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Whether you have thin or thick hair, these scrunchies will be great for a sock bun, top messy bun or to add a little colorful flair in your ponytail.
They are even comfortable enough to sleep in at night.

-made from soft cotton fabric
-matching Polyester thread
-strong flat elastic band inside

These scrunchies can fit around a standard size wrist and wrap around 2 or 3 times depending on the thickness of hair.

Spot clean when needed and if necessary hand-wash with warm water, a mild soap/detergent, and dry flat.

** Please note that due to the size of select patterns, not every scrunchie will look the exact same as the photos. The front/back of the scrunchies will differ as well. Thank you for understanding!

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